Ikarias Therapeutic Hot Mineral Springs

About Ikarias Hot Spings:

During Rachel’s time in Greece, she learnt the island of Ikaria was not only renowned for having the world’s longest life expectancies – the island also holds a reputation of having superior hot springs. The only unusual element to their springs is they are radioactive… You’re probably thinking ‘radioactive’ does not sound very inviting. However Ikaria’s endless amounts of radioenergized springs and their water are believed to have some of the strongest /natural healing powers in the world.

 The key elements in Ikara’s lightly radioactive mineral hot springs are ‘saline radium & radonium’. When bathing in the hot springs the minerals are predominately absorbed by inhaling and a small amount is absorbed through the skin.

Why the world is truly magical:

What we found to be most mesmerizing about hot springs in general, is that they are made naturally from the world’s interior. Thermal water has the ability to travel up through the earth’s rocks. And as a result, mineral traces are attained from the rocks on the way up. This in turn enables a therapeutic effect to occur- a true gift from nature.

Radio-active springs benefits:

Ikaria’s hydrotherapy (radioenergized hot springs) are believed to be beneficial for naturally healing the below diseases and disorders:

  • Chronic rheumatism

  • Different types of arthritis

  • Certain issues with circulation system

  • Respiratory diseases/disorders

  • Skin diseases and allergies

  • Gynecological diseases and issues relating to sterility