Elements. The foundation of connection to my inner self. The awareness of the elements has been a foundation for me since I was a child. Throughout many different teachings as a child growing up with a mother who was an eternal seeker. This was second nature. Honouring the elements.

Earth • What we eat, how foundation of how we grow, Primal thoughts and patterns. Deep descending wisdom. 

My love of Prana... I have to giggle isn’t it all our love . I mean where would we be without breath. 

Air• Inner bliss,The beauty of seeing air is through incense seeing the flow of the Air move seeing that nothing is stuck always flowing. Breath feeling the flow of the air moving through the body  never stuck always changing.

Fire • the great Agni. The place of transformation. The inner Guru. 

Water • Flow life, the stillness but always in the flow state . Abundantly giving in creativity. 

Space •Akasha. When there is space there are expansions. 

All connected, feeding this incredible bundle of nature we exist in. 

Take a moment go within create a space to create a ritual that gives great love to your heart and deep devotion. 🙏🏼 📷 @thedjpierce

Rachel Hunter