Full Moon 🌕 Guru Purnima

Full Moon Guru Purnima

Acknowledge & honour all great teachers,Mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers,kids,people who cross your path or may say a few words that change your conditioning. 

Past, present and future. 


Teacher, dispeller of darkness. Opening the door To your inner guru, your inner light to guide you. All great teachers allow you to open to You. 

Invoke the stillness & light that exists within. This moments that at times  feel unsettling with eclipses, full moons and all the chitta chat of these beautiful cosmic souls that dance in the sky. How lucky we are to gaze up to these. 

A beautiful way to realise sometimes to stay in and not get caught in the push and pull of the comos doing their movements to allow us to connect and disconnect with what is in the energy. It's all beautiful. I have had all sorts of crazy things come up. Mostly  I end up laughing, having stomped around, felt mad, felt upset. ONLY TO REALISE ITS ALL TO LAUGH AT 🥰 With Love Rachx

Rachel Hunter