What is it ? As I begin to peel away the layers of it ... Feeling uncomfortable with all that is writhing inside.

As I settle.

As I breath.

The prana starts to stabilize my system .

The simplicity of it begins to appear,you can’t ignore.

I'm left with Me .

As intense as this feels the more the simplicity of the dimensions appears from within.

The simplicity of what exists within.

The warmth felt while sitting peacefully,feeling the intelligence that naturally fills and gives clarity to what we feed ourselves in all senses.

Here in this place I sit, no stress , but when a thought rises I feel that the ease of my breath allowing the emotion energetically to move through my body , again, again if it wants... until it’s power of dread dissolves and the abundance of life , compassion fills .

Realizing there is a choice to feel this way .

Only conditioning is in our way .

Rachel HunterComment