Inner Elements

In my last workshop in New Zealand in February, we looked into our Nature Within. Inner Elements.

Since  childhood my fascination with the environment around us and within us has been of GREAT CURIOSITY, with its infinite, incredible, intelligence.

Our mother teaching us many connections to outside. The garden was an incredible place to explore this for me, the ground, water, the energy, the air! Within creating SPACE growth. The 5 Elements. The intrigue the passion,I have explored the elements within.

While on my journey in India, practising yoga,learning, travelling, temples, the rituals, limbs of yoga. My passion has heightened, through the teachings its given me some beautiful ways to look and work  within in the simplest form. With certain practices, Sadhanas has been a incredible source to deepen this. To balance the 5 Elements.

Here is  some very basic information. As I have written a book on this. 

Hope to have practices up online soon or private Facebook groups for us to share in this. Work with this. This is very basic below. 

Earth, deep knowledge defending in nature. Grounding, primal. 

Water, the eternal flow connect to all emotions, desires.

Fire, the will, the energy.the sun 

Air, the life force. The prana the connection to life the bliss. Our connection to heart -soul.  

Space / Ether / Akasha  - to create space is to allow for evolution, expansion. 



Bliss & Love  


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