I need SPACE

SPACE. I was looking through past notes over the years.I have written many starts to books, feelings, quotes all sorts.

I come across one word today.


Has anyone said this to you? ”I just need space ”

I mean I burst out laughing. As what I was reading was in the context of Relationship, I'm sure we have all heard this.

In reflection this for me at this time when this was bought up, it was a cop out of the person wanting to go do ”their”thing. (And no I'm not answering what the full context was or the person. )

I to have used this phrase 🧐😁 Space... What is this? Well after spending some time on this with meditation, breath work. Looking at this from the yogic teachings and practice and damn right logically ”Truth ” 😂 or “I need space as a statement”. Absolutely there are times when I need to create this when in an environment, or to take time.

Space to me now ,is moments of at times seeing great inner wisdom, honesty, more settled.

Space is a place to reflect.

For me Not a place to play out externally, but to go in and create less confusion within.

The amount of bullshit that sometimes heaps up, internal thoughts, emotions.

Space ~ creating the great sigh from within and allowing to drop into your own inner ecosystem. So next time I hear me or someone needs space.

I will honour this word this word space as a great part of the elements to create space internally,  creates an expansive foundation, calm, centred.

Take a moment go outside on your break from work or in the early mornings/evenings. Sit inhale - exhale following you breath calming creating the internal SPACE. calm•create•breath

Have a beautiful Monday /Sunday.

Big hugs, and I hope this gave you a chuckle 😘

My copyright and material . Photo Faanati Maimea