What!! I just wanted to deepen my Yoga & Meditation practice 🙃 Here started the Journey ...

 Yoga at first was a workout for me, as many begin on the yogic path.Sometimes it remains that way and that’s amazing!! 

My experience lead elsewhere,little did I know,it would confront me with alot that I hadn’t been dealing with.

This was my experience,whatever the path,whatever the signs, see it ...take the journey. It might be three words that someone say’s to you, it may not be Yoga,maybe a book . See what triggers and transcend the shit. Here was a little taste of some writings I did while finishing training 2017. 

                               •    •    •

As I melted into the asanas, there Began the path. The breath ... peace started happening energy activating... Mum passing,life changing... The place where I was able to find peace, devotion & clarity was on my yoga mat.At times I hated it.

                               •.  •.   • 

Little did I know the magnitude of what Yoga really meant after doing the course at Sattva Yoga in Rishkesh India.

One can read many books and listen to someone speak on subject,which are incredibly,and have learnt from this myself, but until i fully experienced what I was learning did I fully start understanding what my own nature & being was. At times one can be ignorant to the capacity of the value of our experience. We all learn and can experience our paths differently.Whatever the subject maybe.


 As much as the spiritual soul connection to Yoga has been a way of life for me for over 12 years, it is been a lifeline to me. It’s a place I can get centered, reduce anxiety, be creative. Connecting to myself & consciousness. A Sense of being & peace. It’s space where clearly there are places to pass through and transcend aspects of life that are no longer suiting.It’s also a place where I’m always a beginner, always the student. It helps with the daily recognition of ego and Ignorance. A continuous process of honesty and truth within self.

Full understanding and value from within, abundance fills everyone one and everything around you.Be you! 


Bliss & Hugs  

Rach ♥️🧘‍♀️♥️