Embrace the Journey

This Year ... WOW! January this year I decided to go on a journey that I had no idea would lead me to where I am today.

I have been triggered as Fu*k, laughed till my tummy hurt, cried tears silently.

Sat in the Himalayas embrace honouring the elements,Havans, rituals ,chanting mantras, teaching yoga, all aspects.

Sat and said what the F*uck am I DOING ! This is ridiculous!

Realizing it was my nature and my love all along !! My nature ! I have disliked many aspects  of myself,lonely,hurt,scared all old shit that no longer served!

Through an inward journey I started the journey of stepping in, scared that I would lose people. People may thing I’m weird! When really my soul wanted to unite with full entirety ,But guess what ...

I embraced,I stepped in, and I LOVE it . Yes everyday is a day with new “stuff” I look at  ego,ignorance everyday. I stand there look into that mirror of self and say “what do i learn today”.

Sometimes I pull the covers over my head. But this year has been full of learning .

I bow with such love and gratitude & compassion to all that have gone though so much this year in their lives ! Losing,Loving,learning whatever it is .

I give ❤️🙏🏼❤️. Thank you for all the love and support from you incredible humans ! The people who have showed up, life, universe fully supporting once I surrendered ! Your comments and your love. 

Take a moment inhale this breathe (air, Prana) the life it gives within and honour.

Exhale this that no longer serves your being . Big ❤️to all.