On the Road in Florida


Who was the most interesting person you met (on or off-screen) in Florida?

Ohhhh how can I pick One, all the ladies & gents I meet, the diverse cultures in Miami. It was abundant with all these beautiful stories.

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned?

This episode was a lot about plastic surgery and aging, love the insight it gave into the stories of these ladies & gents. How they felt about finding love later on in life. That's an amazing beauty secret. ♥️

Try any good foods?

Yes, loads of amazing fruits in a fantastic market well known in the outskirts of Miami.

If you had to recommend some to visit/do one thing in the city what would it be?

The fruit market I mentioned above is incredible, very famous and has a beautiful story.

Clearly the famous South Beach, also the different districts with amazing influences from so many surrounding cultures.

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you?

The Art Deco buildings are magnificent, night life. Also just hanging out having lunch watching the amazing sights that go by. Everyone living to their fullest. There is a great sensual energy felt in Miami. Clearly, from the South American influences, the beautiful Latino sensuality is felt in Miami. Which makes its

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