On the Road in Texas


Who was the most interesting person you met (on or off screen) in Texas?

First I want to say. My heart goes out all, seeing the images from the hurricane that hit Houston, The devastation to families and their homes.

While I was in Houston It was endless, everybody we met, Kristina, NASA, Jeanette, Shannon the list went on. NASA was fascinating being able to talk with some of the amazing people who deal with space. I Was able to go in Orion. Kristina was is an inspiration. The people of Texas have such a big heart. Warm.

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned?

We pretty much covered it with Fully Raw Kristina. Not only on the food front, but her sense of community really living in her full truth. Actually, everyone we meet was amazing.

Try any good foods?

The Vegan Burger was pretty amazing. Hopefully, we will have that recipe for you. Delicious ! Shannons burgers at Craft Burger Food Truck were incredible.

Buy any souvenirs?

I walked away with the boots & hat. Both amazing souvenir's

If you had to recommend some to visit/do one thing in the city what would it be?

NASA, the city it self is very modern. It's very international, quite the international hub. The parks the markets.

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you?

The downtown is awesome. Modern building to old.

Something you learned?

Food in Space is delicious! Very tasty !!Tell us a story from the road…

There are a few stories I hope they may end up in our clips ... wait to see ...

Anything challenging?

I would say nothing too challenging ... I mean who gets to drive a vehicle that may end up on Mars!

Three words to describe Texas….

Warm heart, Space, boots. ♥️

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