On The Road in Argentina

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Who was the most interesting person you met (on or off screen)

The Gauchos, Yerbo Mate tea out on an Estancia, the horse the beauty in the countryside. I was able to ride with the Gauchos, the incredible Argentinian ways in the countryside truly magical. A MUST in Argentina !!

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned?

The Break Club !! Stress-free ! Genital Whitening for the guys. Universo Garden Angels

Buy souvenirs?

Incense on the streets, always some amazing clothes in foreign countries!

If you had to recommend some to visit/do one thing in the city what would it be?

It has so many places, all the places we went !!!

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you?

Everywhere you look there are beautiful statues, the people, the sound of the Tango music seeping through the streets! The dancers. Just a sense of enjoying life. Sensuality!

Something you learned?

Loving The Break Club. ♥️

Anything challenging?

Apparently, the champagne bottles are really hard to break ... no problem with me !! I Need to open a Break Club

Three words to describe

Sensual, Vibrant, Passionate

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