Solar Ecilpse ✨🌞Sun Met the Moon🌙 had a Sweet Kiss in the Dark ☺️

Ahhhh , the Moon 🌙and the Sun 🌞connected today✨ ... finally 🙄

I had headaches, meditated , had intense moments,  read the Stories, felt the energy for the last week .

Today I sat and wrote ALL sorts of new actions & energies & truths, to be present in my life .

To rid of fears money , jealousy ,resentments , tiredness & obstacles . All the shit that has accumulated over 47 years ! I mean why not , solar eclipse , new moon , what a time ✨💫

Then the part of me realizing ,that albeit there are these amazing moments in time that these events happen. Some talk of fear , you must write, do this , do that .... But what Do YOU Want ... At this point I realized that my intelligence of my system , my body the "true intelligence of the soul" , the spirit I talk of . It KNOWS what to do . I had realized I had put great pressure on myself to make this an EVENT . When really I just had to enjoy.

So I texted my sister ,after I had a purge writing session . Brilliant ,that was  all out ✔️ Swing around picked up my sister & her man . Hiked Runyon and sat with all fellow Solar Seekers watching this amazing cool moment . We all talked, shared glasses, the dogs running around . It was yet again a confirmation of just "do" follow your intuition . Our body has great intelligence... right ?  Mother Nature , the Moon , the Sun provided yet again a moment of humanity and unity . Under the Moon & the Sun . Loved my Morning . Love you all have an amazing Day week . Great Gigantic blessing to you all ♥️💋♥️ 

P.s sorry for the grammar and punctuation 🙄 


My sister and I having. A Solar moment .