Void = Gift

Now you will off & on hear or see me talking about my Mums   "cards " these would become her legacy, her tools, art . The books she had studied on frequency and colour , mounted up as I went Through  her wealth of knowledge more in depth while trying to understand this beautiful creature that left✨

Soon after she had passed I decided to pull some or her "Tarot Cards "  we have, as I have explained before, I have been surround by this. 💫

I believe when pulling cards we have the energetic power to change anything . Just my opinion 

So I pulled one ..... VOID .... 

REALLY !!! what the hell does that mean! I was saddened by its colour , it looked alone, scary . Yes I was in a void , but I felt there was more to this picture. 

I sat there and thought of a void .... after sometime I realized that it was peaceful,tranquil, nothing existed...blank.

There was this moment of complete relief that come over my body realizing that I had to be alone and just be . The energy✨ the sense of peace was beautiful . 

As I told a good friend of mine the other day . She gave me  ....Void ....What a gift ✨Beautiful✨Mum had given ( in my ✨👁✨) us a chance to start again, to gather ourselves✨ in the peace and tranquility of our own space.

Mine is the warm earth, a vast desert 🌵cool nights, brillant sparkly nite sky's with so many stars and the waxing crescent moon ✨🌙

Part of me doesn't want to leave this healing place of Void appeared scary at first ... No longer holds the power of fear .

But 💕 LOVE 💕

Its all in the perception ... in the Lesson ✨ I don't know how this may help but sometimes when I see negative ... I try turning it into HOPE 💫

Up pop the flowers 🌼🌻🌸💦

Send you my love &  thoughts