Raging Unicorn ✨🦄

This week Anger reared its head. As I headed back into Yoga, I found my body creaking and aching. I felt 100 years old. My Hips full of pain and lower back feeling angry! Now, as i have heard many times before this is a place where we can 'store anger'... Well clearly my hips are really pissed off!


As the week progressed 🤔 I met up with a good friend who showed me this beautiful place for Crystals, so I decided  to add to my traveling wonders . As I was finding my beautiful sparkly new friends ( 🔮) I came across some Unicorn Tarot cards, I know some may roll their eyes. As I looked through them, what card fell out? Yep, ANGER. I looked at this card laughing & pissed off it had fallen into my hands. I was like "no shit sherlock! I know!"


I looked at the majestic card, this magical animal raging so beautifully. As I read the meaning, it spoke of permission for anger, speaking about life force and boundaries as long as this purging, stomping, yelling into a pillow, dancing, working out, and writing. Expressing anger not pointed at anyone but more of a self purge. I gave myself permission and I owned my anger. F*c*k it felt amazing!



I brought these cards and they are amazing!  As I got home I pulled the "polarity card". Acknowledging both sides is important. So as much as I love seeing the good... I love the raging unicorn ✨🦄✨