Candomble - Mystical Brazil✨

Candomble , goes back to African beliefs, mixed with Catholicism to make this mystical religion.

I cast my shells ... depending on how they fall is the interpretation. There will lay my 3 Orishas (spirit,goddess,god) . I'm always open and fell in love with the process of connecting me to being in the moment. The anticipation of finding out .. what am I ☺️

The beauty of the dance involved ,calling the gods & goddesses. Magnificent to yet again to be exposed to the many different ways we all live. If I have any version of this wrong please correct me . One of my Orisha's was... Yansa. Representing lighting wind, she said to me "Rachel the question of Love for people of Yansa is always tumultuous ... Love always comes & goes 😳🤔

This is in the Collection series of Tour of Beauty , more secrets ,info & the quest for loving ,seeing & submerging into the cultures and the diversity to understand this beautiful world. Albeit it is quick as I'm filming the show . Open Mind 🙏🏼Open Heart ❤

These are my own views ✨ 


Priestess & I ✨