Surrender 💫

Ughhhh feels so good when You just let it all go ! Got outta my head, sometimes I get so focused “ so on that hamster wheel “ in my thoughts,  my head , I forget the simply stuff.

 ✨Heart Open Soul Open Mind Open ✨

These last few weeks has been amazing from sailing to gurus! Yes I was lucky to have the opportunity, but sometimes those arise and I say “no, I have to do that, this blah blah blah” I Get in my way ! When I need to get outta my way! I became the YES Woman 😜 . 

So  many laughs with my sister👩‍❤️‍👩 not thinking so much, just living & enjoying✨BEING ✨ Have an amazing weekend . Have fun adventures , swirl around in the forest, laugh loads! 

Namsate 🙏🏼 Love you guys Loads 💫✌🏼💫