Lost In India✨

My Desire to return to this Country since doing Tour of Beauty 2 years ago, has forever been in the back of my mind . With Mums illness my devotion of course to her was foremost. Little did I know my visit to India 2 years ago would in someways help & prepare me through our Mums illness & passing .

Especially going to Varanasi . This is another story. 

To come here with suitcase & yoga mat, my desire to go from temples to ashrams,stunning hotels, to small rooms. My endless curiosity to all the senses stimulated here . Yes I’m not traveling with friends, I do have an amazing guide called Praveen & Kailash. 

Alone ... at times though my life I have felt incredibly alone , through travel , break ups , just Life in general !! Just shitty ! and have been surrounded my loved ones and family . So what is this “alone”mean  . I sit here in the middle of a country that I know really no one . I have no fear, my heart full , I feel like I could burst. Loneliness doesn’t exist , even though it would be in some cases considered I am “alone”as I know few.

How do I take this fullines home .

As some one said to me yesterday . Some places you are climbing steps , others you are on an escalator .... Yes here I’m on the escalator ! 😁

Bliss & Happiness  .. effortlessness! 💫✨