On the Road in Peru

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Who was the most interesting person you met in Peru?

Shaman Adriel was amazing, his knowledge of the ancient ways. Lilia her knowledge of the herbs. I actually wanted to move in with her .

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned?

Their superfoods clearly they have very diverse micro systems so the superfoods are abundant. The markets are full of many foods and remedies that are fascinating.

Try any good foods?

Superfoods all of them !! Lucuma the soft yellow superfood was amazing in texture smell and properties.

Buy any souvenirs?

Within 24 hours the rugs the bags, the colours!

If you had to recommend some to visit/do one thing in the city what would it be?

Sacred Valley , Cusco , I would have loved to have gone into the Amazon and Palimaro 's resturant !

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you?

The journey into Machu Picchu. Cusco Market .

Something you learned?

When you go into cultures there are endless moments that encompass your life . From the people, to the energy , the sheer history and ancient ways , buildings of this amazing country . So much about the superfood.

Anything challenging

The altitude is different for everyone . But did affect me. Take time