On the Road in New York

New York.jpg

Who was the most interesting person you met (on or off screen) in NYC?

New York is the most amazing place's to meet people for me. I walk everywhere during the summer time :) so you get to engage with people, there is ALWAYS interesting people, On Screen loved meeting Carol at the restaurant she goes to on 10th street in the East Village.

What was the best beauty product or beauty secret you learned?

NYC was very reminiscing for me

Try any good foods?

Vegan Burger I had with Carol from Quintessence Restaurant

Buy any souvenirs

I went to a store that sold Indian fabrics in the East village :) me & textiles 🙈

If you had to recommend some to visit/do one thing in the city what would it be?

WALK ... little Italy, East Village, WALK WALK WALK ❤️

What was the most beautiful scenery, place or sight for you?

Central Park is a classic, Statue of Liberty

Anything challenging? No

Three words to describe NYC….

❤️ Home❤️ Inspiring❤️ Energetic❤️