Flower Mandala ✨🌸✨

My New Years "Flower Mandala" , for encouraging 2017 to be a colorful, intuitive , solid , flourishing Year.

It was a quiet New Year for me reflecting on the huge Year 2016 was. The ups and downs that happen every year,the learning curves. We are forever lucky to be always able to start anew .  My Colours I chose - what they meant to me 

Purple -   being a crown charkra colour, healing ,calming , strength , imagination , magic , ethereal , keeping grounded. πŸ’œ

Pink - Self Love ,love for others,playful , cute,tenderness, charming and feminine. Love the feeling that pink is playful .✨ 🌸✨

White- new beginnings, sincerity,goodness,innocence , safety, brilliance , humility, protection. πŸ•Š

Orange , for my having been to India ,was a colour I saw a lot , has a lot of heart, spiritual significance to me. with it being placed in the middle of my Mandela , it felt more to honor the endless spirit of being open, learning & listening for me . 

Wood - to me the stability of the tree the significance of the essence of the grounding roots the forcever reaching growing from the elements of nature. The tree needs water light , the night to grow.  

These  are all my own meanings . As I made this while the sun was setting on the eve of New Years. I wanted to honour what I learnt & grow from. Also honour  if my mother and here beautiful vibrate being she is to me. Always learning from her. 

Please excuse all my grammar mistakes 😜 

Bliss & Hugs