Home = NZ

About 8 days ago (as seen below ) I gazed out the aircraft window coming into land at Auckland airport . I have done this over and over again for the last 30 years. Some coming back and forward as the young model from NYC , some as the new bride , new mother , divorced , boyfriends , with my kids as babies & young adults . 

As I gaze out the window again , over the familiar landing scape , into Auckland International Airport, over the east coast, passing the sunrise with the Rays reaching out over the fluffy moody clouds , seeing the emerald green sea,  bright green land . I find myself raising my nose awaiting the familiar smells as I disembark the plane . Warmth of the summer grass, the fruit , food , the sounds of the Cicadas from early in the morning till sunset , where the crickets interrupt for there evening takeover , the sound of the Erie Morepork ✨

My love for my country the people, the pride . I can only imagaine that everyone feels this moment as they land in there home-land .  No matter what part of the world you are from   "Home". The trigger of many senses in our mind & body ...