Alone Time

Over the last few weeks it's been a little crazy . So 10 days ago I decided to take a night... just me , nature and the crescent waxing moon. No tv just my thoughts . I needed to snuggle up in bed , take a long bath and meditate.  Now I know a lot out there are working mums .. don't forget  I have and still walk that beautiful, vibrant , learning path of motherhood . So I "get" the time management part and it's hard . 

But .... regardless of where we are, who we are, what we have , what we don't . 

We need one moment . That moment of stillness. To laugh or sit in the bath , to dance in a field, to play music,  dance around the room, pure and utter bliss & joy . So take that 5 mins - a day . 

Nature ...the elements are huge grounding tools for me!